Our Team / Careers

Revel Security has over eighty Special Police Officers and Security Guards that are professionally trained and developed through classroom, on-site, and tactical training conducted by highly qualified and certified trainers with a combined sixty-five years of training.

Bryan Revel

Mr. Revel has over 18 years of security service experience and a family lineage in law enforcement. From providing security assessments to implementing structured systems, Mr. Revel has been hands-on in every aspect of security servicing. He has a vested interest in Washington D.C.’s safety and wellbeing. Whenever possible, Mr. Revel seeks to be part of the solution to a better, safer city.

Michael Revel 

With over 20 years of contract security experience, Michael serves Revel Security as an Operations Consultant. Michael as experience throughout the District managing all security related functions including security assessment and biometrics. As Operations Consultant, Michael is responsible for proposal preparation, cost estimating, and financial management.

Shnyce Revel

Catherine Smith